The nails are an important part of our bodies as they show a lot of symptoms of different diseases, including cancer. Talking about nails, do you know what does the name Lunula mean? The crescent-shaped white area at the end of a fingernail is a highly sensitive area which mustn’t get damaged.
These are 10 facts that you need to know about the Lunula:
  • Sensitive part which mustn’t get damaged, as previously mentioned.
  • The half-moon part is named the Lunula which means small moon in Latin.
  • It is white because it is the fifth basal layer of the epidermis and it ‘hides’ the blood vessels underneath.
  • Not everyone’s Lunula is visible. Sometimes, the thickened layer of the skin around the fingernails and toenails may completely or partially cover the Lunula.
  • When damaged, there can be permanent damages to the entire nail.
  • According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lack of Lunula may be a sign of anemia and malnutrition, whereas a pale or bluish Lunula could be a potential sign of diabetes. When a Lunula has red smudges, the person may be suffering from heart diseases.
  • A small Lunula could be a symptom of indigestion which occurs as a result of slow metabolism and too much toxins in the body.
  • Having 8 to 10 lunulas with ivory color on both hands means that everything is alright with your health. Hence, the whiter the Lunula, the stronger the person.
  • A normal fingernail is ruddy, tough, restrained, smooth, and glossy with a clearly visible Lunula. This means that the person is energetic and healthy.
  • The less Lunulae a person has, the lower the energy and overall health. If you have Lunulae on the thumbs only, you lack physical energy and you may get sick.