Thursday, May 26, 2016

Aromatherapy simple DIY projects

Keep your dresser drawers and closets smelling great.

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on cotton wool balls and place them in your closets and  drawers. I like to use lavender and lemon because it also helps to keep the moths away!

Stop using store bought dryer sheets and make your own!

Cotton Wool Balls can also be used in the dryer.  Have ever used Tennis balls in the dryer to fluff a comforter well its the same concept, they work by bouncing around in the dryer, reducing static cling and literally “beating” your clothes. The balls shorten drying time by wicking moisture away from your clothes. Adding essential oils gently scents your clothes with aromatherapy benefits.  They last a very long time with no need to wash (Unless your dog gets a hold of them, LOL )! You can reapply the essential oils every 3-4 use.   I like to use Lavender & Ylang Ylang  or Orange and Peppermint. 
Have you made your own Dryer"sheets"? comment below with your  results? 
ENJOY being crafty™

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mosquito's can be combated naturally with essential oils!

Today I'd like to share an article that explains the reason why I choose to use Vanilla extract (100% pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract) in my No Nuisance Outdoor Body spray as well as a well sourced combination of know insect repellent essential oils instead of just one of two! This is an excerpt hitting the important points.
Citronella Essential Oil: Has been registered for use as a plant-based insect repellent since 1948.
Citronella appears to be the least effective oil when applied by itself with no other ingredients. A study by the University of North Carolina found that citronella insect repellent products provided only 19 minutes of protection after application. However, adding vanillin and/or soybean oil as well as other essential oil repellents to citronella is likely to prolong protection time compared with citronella oil alone. In Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes, a combination of citronella oil and vanillin demonstrated a comparable protection time against DEET. Adapted fom Source
No Nuisance™- Outdoor Body Spray
​Our unique blend moisturizes and softens your skin. It has been written that certain essential oils in this mix have been known to repel gnats, flies, no-see-ums, mosquitoes and ticks . Reapply every 2 hours or as needed. DEET- FREE!
Absolutely NO nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes or additives are used. Sugar Me Sweet Natural Skin Care Sugar Scrub the best natural skincare for sensitive skin.   
Net Wt. 3oz   $10.00 

Thursday, May 19, 2016